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We here at Black Ice Details & coatings use the best formulated brands of Ceramic Coating paint protection. Depending on what coating is best suited for your vehicles specific needs, we offer a variety of coatings that can supply a longevity from two years up to a lifetime. Paint protection coatings will protect your vehicle from water, oil, graffiti, acid rain, uv rays, bird droppings, detergents, fading, oxidation, ect. With a  scratch resistant application the results are impeccable.

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Protect the value of your vehicle. An application of a permanent paint protection coating means a higher resale value.

When you bring your vehicle to us, we use a special formulated brand of a ceramic nano coating that will protect paint from fading, oxidizing, chipping or scratching.

Our application also protects your vehicle's interior from stains and water damage.

For Any Vehicle

Permanent Paint Protection

Our coating service can be applied to almost anything. In addition to your car or truck, our coating system offers a variety of residential and industrial uses. Learn more about our packages and make an appointment today!

Diverse Applications

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It's important to have your vehicle's paint corrected before undergoing the coating process. Paint correction removes any minor imperfections, scratches, or swirl marks left in the paint either from the factory, hand washing, or years of exposure from environmental elements. It can also eliminate oxidation, holograms, hazing, markings and imperfections left by bird droppings, leaves etc. It is made more effective and efficient through wet sanding, which is another technique that can be employed to aid in the process.


Paint correction will restore your paint, and a ceramic coating will assure that the effects are locked in, and the paint will retain its better than factory luster.

Paint Correction

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